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Our Journal



Umami is a Japanese word for powerful tastemaker and features the joker of all flavours. All our items have Japanese food-related names, and each new ‘drop’ takes inspiration from a different food theme.


At UMAMI, we are always looking to contribute to making our environment more sustainable. We believe in a world where everyone consciously deals with the planet, and we, as a brand, feel the responsibility to take the lead and make it as easy as possible for the consumer to make the right choices. That is precisely why brand transparency is so important to us. Which is why it is clear at UMAMI where our fabrics come from, how our products are made, and how we contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry.


UMAMI vintage is a way to give clothing a new life, with which we directly oppose the fast fashion industry. We select all our vintage items personally so that we can very clearly choose from where we get our items and what items we select. We always look very precisely at the quality of the product, the fabric and the fit; or upcycle the pieces to give it the new life it deserves.


We also look at whether we would like or have to make adjustments to the items, such as the buttons, zips or sizes. In other cases, we decide to create an entirely new silhouette from an item. By hand-picking and upcycling the items, we create a signature UMAMI Vintage style that sets us apart from other vintage brands. With this new extension to the UMAMI brand, we hope to inspire people to be more aware of what and where they buy their clothes. We believe in a future where brands are more transparent and honest about the production process and value. We hope to inspire, create and evolve with UMAMI.



The UMAMI team is always working hard on our upcoming made-to-order collections. The summer collection “Oysters on the beach; is out now and still available on our website or available to made exclusively for you. But keep an eye out for our upcoming winter collection that will also be focused on an Umami Flavour.

We are not only busy with designing the collection, but we try to make everything around it as sustainable as possible. At UMAMI, we are outspending our resources and always looking for new sustainable or dead stock fabrics to create unique silhouettes. Our current collection of materials was partly donated, and party purchased in local factories.  Apart from the tailors within the Umami family, we have a tailor in the Netherlands who helps us to create unique silhouettes from beautiful materials and leftover fabrics. This makes us extra involved with every fit and finish. All our clothing is made by hand as we find fit, finish, and quality the most important things when creating a clothing item.  We can guarantee that every item is made fairly and with care.

As it is very important for us to be transparent about our production process, the margins and prices are calculated as fairly as possible and explained on every product page.

We do not believe in mass production or waste of fabric. So we do not work in regular collections but in drops of made-to-order pieces. That’s why, very limited numbers of all our items are made, and more will be created only according to demand and the fabrics available.

With each drop, we ‘serve’ different silhouettes and styles. We announce all your upcoming drops on our Instagram.


If you like the current silhouette, and we still have enough fabric, instead of ordering from the website in a regular size you can always email us or send us a DM on Instagram with your size so it will be tailored for you exclusively.