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Our Journal




At UMAMI we are always looking to contribute to our current environmental climate. We believe in a world where everyone consciously deals with the planet. And we, as a brand, feel the responsibility to take the lead and make it as easy as possible for the consumer to make the right choices. That is precisely why brand transparency is so important to us. Which is why it is clear at UMAMI where our fabrics come from, how our products are made and how we contribute to a more sustainable fashion world.


UMAMI vintage is a way to give clothing a new life, with which we directly oppose the fast fashion industry. We select all our vintage items personally so that we can very clearly choose where we get our items and what items we select. We are always looking for new places where we can get our vintage items. We always look very precisely at the quality of the product, the fabric, the fit, and whether there are any stains on it. We also look at whether we would like to adjust things to the products ourselves, such as the buttons. By hand picking all the items we created a signiture UMAMI Vintage style that sets us apart from other vintage brands.

With this new extension to the UMAMI brand, we hope to inspire people to be more aware of what and where you buy your clothes. But in addition to all this, we at UMAMI have a passion to offer cool vintage items as possible and hope you enjoy them just as much as we do.


The UMAMI Team is currently working hard on our upcoming summer collection. We are not only busy with designing the collection but we try to make everything around it as sustainable as possible. All fabrics that we are going to use for this collection are purchased from local factories and we have transported ourselves.

Within the UMAMI family we have a personal tailor who makes all our items for us in the umami office. This makes us extra involved with every fit and finish.

All our clothing is made by hand, we find fit, finish and quality the most important things when creating a clothing item. Since all our clothing is made within the UMAMI office, we can guarantee that every item is made fairly and with care.

We do not believe in mass production, waste of fabric or the use of harmful machines. Very limited numbers of all our items are made, and only then more  will be made according to demand. This way we will never waste fabric or items, and the material that remains or is too small to make an item from can be found in our scrunchies.