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About Us


UMAMI is for bad babes who kick ass! They are powerful women with a strong personality who are self-willed. They are always looking for something new and are definitely fashion-forward!

UMAMI started in november 2017 and is an online webshop based in Amsterdam that offers streetwear clothes and accessoires. The founder of UMAMI is Masami Bouwman. She studied at Academie Artemis in Amsterdam and has a bachelor in allround styling and design with a love for fashion.

UMAMI is a Japanese word that means ‘glory’ or ‘savory’; it is one of the five basic flavors, along with salt, sweet, sour and bitter. UMAMI is the joker of all flavors. For now we like to rock it online. In the future were going to show our collection on festivals and hope to open up a pop-up store anytime soon.